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    Hire Terms & Conditions

    For the following Terms & Conditions, The ‘Hiree’ is any person or company who hires or has agreed to hire the equipment of Virtually Mine. The ‘User’ refers to any person that may be using, wearing of interacting with equipment from Virtually Mine in any way.

    The Equipment

      1. The Hire Equipment shall remain the property of Virtually Mine at all times.
      2. The Hiree shall not transfer the possession of the equipment during the hire period without prior consent from Virtually Mine.
      3. Upon receipt of the equipment, it is the responsibility of the hiree to ensure that the equipment is in full working order, and the signature upon the delivery note shall be evidence that the hirer has received the goods in a satisfactory condition.
      4. If the Hiree requires the equipment for a time sensitive appointment such as a meeting Virtually Mine suggest ordering the equipment a day early so the Hiree can setup the headset and familiarise themselves with it.
      5. Our PC's are setup to run the Oculus app and the SteamVR app only. Virtually Mine cannot be held repsonsible for the introduction of third party apps by the Hiree or third parties.

    Loss or Damage to the Equipment

    1. The Hiree shall notify Virtually Mine within 24 hours of any loss or damage to any equipment on hire.
    2. The Hiree shall not attempt to make any repairs to damaged equipment and agrees to cover the cost of any repairs required due to damage during the hire period. The Hiree also agrees to pay the full RRP of the equipment if lost or damaged beyond satisfactory repair during the hire period.
    3. If equipment is damaged and returned it is on Virtually Mine to determine whether the equipment is to be replaced by the Hiree at a cost to be determined by Virtually Mine.
    4. An admin fee will be added to any damages or losses to compensate for down time of the aforementioned equipment.


    1. Throughout the hire period, the Hiree shall be responsible for the safe keeping of all equipment on hire, and should seek suitable insurance to cover loss, damage, theft or accidents relating to the hire equipment.
    2. Should suitable insurance not be provided, the Hiree shall be wholly liable to cover the cost of repairs or replacement of equipment.

    Period of Hire

    1. The equipment shall arrive on the agreed date as outlined in the signed rental agreement.
    2. The equipment shall be returned to the post office, drop off point or courier service on the return date as per the rental agreement. Late return or failure to meet with the courier at the specified time and location will result in a daily charge based on the item of equipment. If you expect the equipment to be returned late, please contact us in advance and this fee may be reduced.
    3. The Hire Period shall commence when possession of the equipment is transferred from Virtually Mine to the Hiree. The signature of the Delivery Note by the Hiree shall be conclusive proof of possession being transferred and the acceptance of the hire Terms & Conditions.
    4. The Hire Period shall terminate when the equipment is returned to Virtually Mine and the Delivery Note is signed by a representative of Virtually Mine but does not exempt the Hiree from any damages or loss to the equipment.

    Cancellation Policy

    1. In the case of any order cancelled at least 7 days before the Hire Start Date, The Hiree shall receive a refund of 80% of the total Hire Fee.
    2. In the case of any order cancelled within 7 days of the Hire Start Date, the Hiree shall receive a refund of 50% of the total Hire Fee.

    Health and Safety

    1. Virtually Mine is can not be held responsible for any health and safety issues caused to the users of equipment supplied.
    2. It is the Hiree’s duty to provide a safe environment for users and ensure health and safety precautions are taken as outlined by the manufacturers of equipment hired.

    Software updates 

    1. Sometimes software updates are pushed when the hardware is out of the hands of Virtually Mine in which case it is up to the Hiree to update the software in order for the hardware and /or software to work. Virtually Mine can not be held responsible for out of date hardware and/or software. If you have equipment that requires a software update in order to work, please update using a secure WiFi point.


    1. The Hiree must create an account when using a vr platform to download experiences and apps and gain access to the following services, but not limited to; SteamVR, HTC Vive and Oculus accounts. Due to security, Virtually Mine can not lend account logins to clients unless authorisation has been given by Virtually Mine.


    1. Virtually Mine will send equipment in good time in order for the client to receive equipment on their specified date. Virtually Mine cannot be held responsible for the delivery of equipment at a specific time on the requested hire date.
    2. An additional charge may be added to the Hiree’s order if postage dates are changed either by Virtually Mine or the Hiree.
    3. An additional charge may be added to the Hiree’s order if the Hiree wishes to get equipment sooner than their original hire date or an insufficient amount of time is given between the order and delivery date.
    4. There must be a minimum of 48 working hours (9 - 5, Monday - Tuesday) between the order confirmation and delivery date.
    5. If equipment is being sent abroad it is the Hiree’s responsibility to return any and all equipment back to Virtually Mine’s offices on the date agreed upon.
    6. When the Hiree is returning equipment, the Hiree must ensure that items are packed accordingly to ensure safe carriage back to Virtually Mine. This may include but is not limited to; stacking so the heaviest items are at the bottom of the package, using bubble wrap and so on.
    7. Equipment will be delivered on the morning of the start hire date.
    8. Equipment must be returned to a DPD drop off point by the Hiree at the end of the hire. Collections by DPD can be arranged but are not guaranteed.