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    Aquila Bird Flight Simulator

    Soar like an eagle 

    We recently had the pleasure of hosting Graeme in the Virtually Mine office to test his Bird Flight Simulator on the HTC Vive.

    Graeme, passionate about all things flying has coupled his 10 years of commercial flying experience and 20 years of gliding experience with a love for bird of prey to create a beautiful simulation of an eagle in flight.  In order to make this experience fully immersive Graeme also built a motion chair to replicate the mesmerizing environment you find yourself flying through.

    Watch the simulation is action HERE

    VR bird flying simulator

    Virtually Mine are fortunate enough to now be able to offer this simulation for events across the UK alongside other experiences like the ROVR. We asked Graeme to put together a few words to describe the simulation and explain the particulars:

    “Have you dreamed of what it would be ... to soar like an eagle?

    Aquila Bird Flight Simulator lets you experience soaring bird flight using virtual reality.  You embody one of three species of eagle flying over either Northwest Scotland, a part of Columbia, or Graham Island in British Columbia. This is not arcade-style flight but an accurate simulation where, like a real soaring bird, you can make use of ridge lift and thermals. You can use Motion Controllers, a simple gamepad, or head tilting to steer, while fans and a motion platform work to further immerse you.

    The various control options allow for a variety of differently abled individuals to try flying like a bird, as long as they can sit safely in the motion chair.  Meanwhile a large LCD screen allows spectators to watch their flight.  If you have another screen or projector you would prefer to use, this can be accommodated, as can any other reasonable request.”

    If you’d like to host the simulation or want to find out more just get in touch!

    VR Specialist - Virtual reality event staff and technicians

    Not only can we provide virtual reality equipment, advice and ideas, we can also provide you with trained technicians and event staff to man your VR space.

    Open bar

    You wouldn't hire a bar without a bar person right? I admit it sounds tempting, but if you hired a bar person along with the bar to take care of your guests and maintain the area, everything will run much smoother.

    It's exactly the same for your VR event. Our VR Specialist's can look after all things virtual reality so you don't have to. They are quick on their feet and fully trained to deal with the most complicated of issues. In some cases, there's a good chance that the VR ready system you'll be using was put together by one of our team.

    The whole shabang

    It's important to us that you get the most value out of your hire with Virtually Mine. That's why the VR Specialist role is multi faceted.

    Delivery and collection

    If you decide to hire a VR Specialist, they will travel with the equipment you hire from us. It's the safest option for the equipment, ensuring it arrives safely and in good time. Ahead of the hire they will be in touch with their contact details to introduce themselves and let you know you're in safe hands. 

    At the end of the hire they will pack the equipment up and tidy the area, leaving it as they found it.

    Setup and testing

    On arrival our team will assess the area and set all of the equipment up. They will make the area as safe and as user friendly as it can be, ensuring any trip hazards are taped down and litter tidied away.

    The VR station will then be tested on site and passed over to a member of your team so you know how it works. At this point if you have any questions about the experience or equipment being used, or for that matter any other VR related question, now is the time to ask.

    Event time

    Throughout your event, your VR Specialist will be instructing your guests on how to use the equipment and get the most out of their time with it. They have spent countless hours engaging with people from every walk of life; our VR Specialists are courteous, diligent and professional.

    They will also be troubleshooting any technical issues encountered along the way. 

    Break down

    At the end of the event they will break down the equipment and shuttle it off site to be taken back to our facility to be cleaned and stored.

    Our VR Specialist's are the best

    They have traveled all over the world showcasing virtual reality to tens of thousand's of people. They have represented some of the worlds largest brands and consistently deliver to give the best VR experience possible. But don't take our word for it, here's what some of our customers have said:

    "Your technicians at The Europas deserve a massive shout out for being so professional, engaging, punctual, supportive and overall understanding and mindful of the work we do. They became ‘immersed’ in the world of UNICEF and were great to have at the event. Having worked at many events in my long lifetime I am very impressed with your technicians and would have them support us again. You should be proud of your team." - S. Patel, Unicef

    ‘’Virtually Mine were fantastic at our Adolescent Party for the teenage patients at The Royal London Hospital. The staff were amazing with the kids, many of whom have never had a chance to experience something like this and so it meant a great deal. As they spend so much time in hospital it was very special for them to visit Iceland, Venice and New York etc! Thank you so much.’’ - L.Wooton, The Royal London Hospital

    “Thank you for providing such an amazing service for our event. Everyone absolutely loved it - it was a highlight of many people's nights.

    The fact that everything was sorted by you guys without us having to get involved barely at all was also a big help. I will definitely recommend your services to next year's Committee and other Cambridge Balls.” - George B. Jesus College Cambridge

    If you would like know about our VR Specialist's and how they can be utilised at your next event please get in touch.

    21st Century Pac-Man - The WizDish ROVR 2

    It isn’t often that you’re transported back to your childhood but we were fortunate enough to be able to transport guests of the LGC Investment Summit back to the 1980’s with a rendition of Pac-Man, except this time the game was played on a ‘360 treadmill’ called ROVR and in Virtual Reality!

    In all it’s glory Pac-Man chomped up and down gobbling white orbs, destined to clear each level without being caught by a ghost. In reality however, we saw guests furiously shimmy on the ROVR to move Pac -an just like you did with the joystick back in the days of the arcade.

    Once you’ve Donned a pair of low friction shoes the ROVR allows you to move through some of your favourite games just by sliding your feet across the dish.

    Move! You’re the controller

    Virtual Reality is awesome, we love it! But sometimes it’s not enough to put on a headset and sit down, you want to move through the experience and feel part of the journey. Something traditional consoles could never offer with just hand held controls. The ROVR does just that, using the sound of your sliding feet as the forward control and the direction you look in to move you left and right.

    Running on a variety of VR headsets it’s a real spectacle at events taking a VR experience to a whole other level. We’ve tested a few VR favorites at events including Pac-Man, Affected and Minecraft VR! It’s Suitable for those over 16 and requires a minimum of a 3x2m space with a monitor.

    The ROVR is now available for hire at events across the UK With a VR Specialist - email us on info@virtuallymine.co.uk for more information.

    Capture Data at your next VR event

    We’ve serviced hundreds of events over the years; exhibitions, conferences, product launches and movie premieres are just a few examples and whilst they were all unique in their purpose, every event we’ve serviced had one thing in common - a lot of people we’re very excited to experience VR.

    Stand Out

    Having VR at an event is a sure fire way of creating a buzz, drawing a crowd and creating opportunities to interact with people you’d otherwise struggle to attract with. Particularly at trade events and exhibitions where there’s a sea of stands all flaunting classic event giveaways like pens and sweets, offering something unique like VR draws delegates away from competitors.

    Leverage the crowd

    Now that you have everyone’s attention and you’re offering an awesome VR experience, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to leverage that situation. How will you continue the engagement after that initial interaction and convert the hundreds of VR users you have into business opportunities?

    Virtually Mine now offer a data capture solution that not only enables you to collate information about those you interact with, but also filter those interactions into marketing automations and CRMs.

    Beautifully simple, easy to use and fully customisable data capture forms allow for mobile data capture on both IOS and Android devices online and offline. The app also offers Business Card and Attendee Badge Scanners to accelerate the process. Whether it’s a one off event or a series of events across the year, the lead capture solution ensures you’re maximising the return on exhibiting.

    Get in touch today for further details about how we can integrate data capture into your VR package.  

    The Best Oculus Rift Experiences - 5 You Can Download For FREE!

    You've sunk your hard earned cash into an awesome gaming rig and the Oculus Rift and now you've run out of cash to buy any games!

    Fear not! we have put together a list of incredible VR experiences (IMO) you can download now without spending a signal penny more. All of the below experiences are free to download as soon as you've logged into your Oculus account and you've picked up your Touch controllers.

    #5. Oculus Medium (Free)

    Oculus Medium is an incredible application and makes 3D modelling accessible. Gone are the days of complicated menus. Medium's intuitiveness enables you to add and waste as if you are working with a ball of floating clay. You can then paint and export your model to be used in other applications or print in 3D! Check out this post when we sculpted in VR and printed in 3D at a TED talk.

    #4. Jaunt (Free)


    Jaunt has a massive library of cinematic 360 video experiences ranging from documentaries to extreme sports clips, concerts and mini movies. There is so much high quality content on the platform it will keep you entertained for hours.

    #3. Echo Arena (Free)


    Recently released; this competitive online game launched alongside the Lone Echo story, plays out like a anti gravity game of Ultimate Frisbee with obstacles in space. Punch to stun your opponents and use the obstacles and wrist rockets to manoeuvre. Fling the disc into the goal to gain points and dominate. There's even a tournament that you can enter your team into to win £$€!

    #2. Google Earth VR (Free)


    Look down upon the world like a Godly gamer and fly across continents in seconds. Hours can be spent exploring the planet we call Earth. Key locations have been mapped and high resolution models put in place. This gives you the unique opportunity to fly through cities like London and natural wonders like the Grand Canyon.

    #1. Rec Room (Free)


    Rec Room is brilliant fun with various games such as paintball and disc golf. The game is well supported and there are always people playing and socialising. There have been a series of adventures released that let you team up with friends (or future friends) and work together to battle through troll infested lands or laser fuelled space battles. We've invested hours here and I'm sure we'll invest many more!