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    Hit the speedway in Assetto Corsa for the Rift

    Check out this awesome simulator. Only in its second beta release yet it looks amazing.

    Assetto Corsa is a great example of how a seated simulator can immerse you directly in to a virtual environment. As you look down you will see the hands and legs of a virtual body, but seated in the same position as you. This convinces your brain that you are actually in the simulated environment and adding to an experience that may otherwise costs thousands in training, track and vehicle hire, unless of course you own the car in question, in which case... well done ;).

    Here's the home page to find out more www.assettocorsa.net

    Let's go on down to South Park

    Production company 'Tool' have recreated the world of South Park, which enables wearers of the Rift to walk around and say "Hi" to the shows favourite characters. There isn't a vast amount of interaction and there is little game to play as this was done as a test.


    "We started with three goals in mind for the experiment," Tool's explanation reads. "One, from a tech point of view, to sharpen our Unity and Oculus Rift development skills-two, from a creative point of view, to reimagine a well known story by allowing the user to experience it in the first person and-three, to finish the project in time to share with our friends at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival."

    Source: Polygon

    Welcome to Virtually Mine - The Virtual Reality Specialists

    Welcome to Virtually Mine, your portal to hire the latest technology in the virtual reality market. We have a wealth of units readily available to hire for you to experience the latest in video gaming and complete escapism.

    The process is fast and easy. So fast and easy we can have a unit with you within 48 hours of an agreed hire date.

    Simply navigate to the Hire page choose a headset and the amount of time you wish to hire it, fill in your details and hit submit. We will get back to you with payment and send the unit to your specified address. When you're finished with the unit, simply pop it into the packaging provided and return it to your post office. You don't need to pay for postage, we take care of that.

    So go ahead, experience the future now!

    Head Back To The 80's with New Retro Arcade For The Oculus Rift DK2

    The VM team has been playing so much of New Retro Arcade for the Oculus Rift DK2 since its launch in November that we forgot to post it!


    Explore an 80's era arcade complete with working video game cabinets, bowling alley, dartboard, Gameboy's, SNES and boom box to carry around bustin' the greatest hits form the 80's.

    You can lose yourself in New Retro Arcade quite easily with its nostalgic selection of  activities. Apart from the old arcade machines, you have a modest selection of SNES cartridges stacked up. Select game and insert it into the console. 3 hours later you still haven't completed Earthworm Jim.

    [Above. Games other than Super Mario are available]

    The realism of the environment is excellent. If not based on the fact that you can interact with almost everything, the lighting, scale and renders are all spot on.

    So if you have a DK2, slap it on and immerse yourself in this super-fun experience. Haven't got a DK2? Hire one from us today!

    Visit the DigitalCyberCherries page to download New Retro Arcade.