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    Blog — Testimonials

    The highlight of their May Ball experience

    "Virtually Mine were regarded by many of the guests to be the highlight of their May Ball experience. From initial correspondence to the operation on the night of the ball they were a pleasure to work with which was a relief from an organisational point of view! The variety of experiences they offered meant that guests kept coming back for another go which is exactly the kind of response we wanted. There was not a lull in the room the entire night which is a testament to the guys running the headsets in itself. I would not hesitate to book again!"

    - Elly, Attractions Officer, Sidney Sussex May Ball

    Joe B. Plymouth University - 1 x Samsung Gear VR

    “I work for a Sport England-funded project called the MGA Project, which is based at Plymouth University. The aim of the project is to get more students active within physical activity, and we do this by providing a variety of alternative physical activity, from surfing to yoga, snowboarding to cycling! I hired a Samsung Gear VR from Virtually Mine with the aim to get students who are more comfortable in an environment with technology experiencing physical activity in an environment that is familiar to them.

    The headset was fantastic! Near to flawless, every student that had a go with the Samsung Gear VR enjoyed it immensely, and even some of the staff couldn’t resist having a go! It was a fantastic experience and I would be interested in hiring from Virtually Mine again in the future.”

    Connor W. We Are Source - 6 x Samsung Gear VR with headphones + support

    “Virtually Mine were extremely helpful in their service – from completing a quick turn around on our tight deadline, to providing us with extras like a VR display video to show on the screen at our booth. The VR sets went down a treat with visitors to our stall. They were popular with everyone, regardless of age or interest! We’d definitely recommend Virtually Mine to anyone looking for a reliable service and professional advice with their tech.”

    Chris C. The Point - Oculus Rift DK2

    “We used the short horror film 11:57 to run alongside our Halloween horror film at our cinema. We were really happy with the way the DK2 enhanced our cinema event and Virtually Mine is a fantastic, affordable way to take your event to the next level. We are really excited by the possibility of using the technology in different ways in future events and we couldn't have asked for a better introduction to the Oculus than Virtually Mine!”

    George K. nDreams - Support and hardware

    “VM made exhibiting our demo at the BFI event ‘Power To The Pixel’ an absolute breeze. We couldn’t have featured there without VM’s help. They provided a great service and were very attentive to detail, making sure all equipment was in place to provide visitors with a great experience.”