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    Blog — Case studies

    Fosters Cricket Tryouts in Virtual Reality

    We were approached by RPM Ltd to supply and service their virtual reality needs for their client, Fosters, an official partner of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). They wished to create an experience that allowed ASDA shoppers to try their hand at cricket in store, but in the safety of virtual reality. 

    • 24 ASDA locations serviced

    • 1,000+ players

    • 180,000 eyeballs attracted

    What we did - Pre-event

    We tested the latest VR cricket experiences that could be used easily by those new to the technology. The cricket game needed to be straightforward, enjoyable and have the option to brand. A game titled Balls! Virtual Reality Cricket was chosen due to it's ease of use and enjoyable gameplay. We then put together a kit list and supplied all the tech that was required at each site. We then began training our VR Specialists on best practices when dealing with the customer in this unique situation. We also briefed them on how Fosters would like to be represented and how to operate the busy space safely and effectively.

    Virtual reality cricket setup

    We provided branded TV units built for purpose. The units housed all of the equipment required including; the monitor, PC, power and created spaces to hang the HTC Vive headset and controllers when not in use.

    Due to the number of stores being attended, we dedicated VR Specialist's to the North and South to best service the ASDA stores located around the the country.

    The vans were loaded and then began our tour of the UK.

    What we did - During event

    Over the course of three weeks VR Specialists visited 24 ASDA stores. They transported all of the equipment used at each store, setup, ran risk assessments and encouraged ASDA customers to try their hand at cricket in virtual reality with great success.

    Foster virtual reality cricket montage

    We liaised with store Managers to secure the best space which ensured the highest footfall and most engagement at each location. Product placement was critical and we made sure Foster's products were near by to encourage players of legal age to purchase the product. 

    Each player was greeted by our team members, briefed with health and safety instructions and shown how to use the game. Once in the swing of things, players needed little encouragement hit the ball for 6 and accrue the highest score for bragging rights. Players ranged from 18 - 80, both male and female and for many, if not all, this was their first opportunity to use any form of virtual reality.


    The campaign was a great success. We helped expose 10,000's of ASDA customers to Fosters involvement with the ECB. Players from all backgrounds got involved and were 'bowled over' by the realism of the technology and left with a smile on their face and crate of Fosters cradled in their arms. 

    Jesus College May Ball - Virtual Reality Arcade

    June 2016 marked the second year we were invited to a series of Cambridge Universities May Balls. With the ever growing selection of headsets we attended this years balls with a series of the latest tech and experiences to create a unique virtual reality arcade for the Jesus College May Ball's theme, Uninhabitable.

    With us, we brought:

    • 3 x Samsung Gear VR
    • 2 x Oculus Rift DK2 w/PC's
    • 1 x HTC Vive
    • 3 x VR Specialist's

    We know how busy these events can be for the organisers so we took the lead and set up in our area with no other interaction from the organisers other than a big thumbs up!

    The room was packed with students from 8pm until we wrapped up at 3am with students enjoying everything from 360 videos scuba diving, destroying wave after wave of zombies on the HTC Vive and sampling the finest experiences Oculus has to offer.

    "Virtually Mine were an asset to the May Ball this year. With their variety of virtual entertainments offered we could tailor our package to the exact image we wanted to create in terms of both our target audience and theme. Positive feedback was received throughout the ball from both guests and student journalists. I would highly recommend snapping up these guys if they are available!"

    - Elle Prince, Non-Music Ents, Jesus May Ball 2016


    BGL Group: An Introduction to Virtual Reality - New York 2014

    In October 2014, Virtually Mine, alongside 3 other external exhibitors, were invited out to New York to create a virtual reality area for BGL Groups annual conference held in the Hilton, Midtown NY. The other exhibitors included Facebook, Google and the electric car company, Tesla.

    With us, we brought:

    • 10 Oculus Rifts
    • 10 pairs of headphones
    • 10 controllers for PC
    • All simulations and experiences

    We worked alongside the Directors of BGL Group to create the focal point of the interactive afternoon in the ‘Living With Technology’ area.

    Over the course of 90 minutes, we guided four groups of 70 people through three separate simulations. We explained how to use the equipment and answered all questions virtual reality, including: how the equipment worked, origins of  OculusVR and how this technology may be implemented outside of the video games industry.

    The afternoon was a success. All that joined left with a smile on their face and spoke of the experience throughout the day.