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    Land Rover Explore - VR + AR

    Land Rover

    Land Rover Explore phone

    Create an experience for a training roadshow that educates and excites participants about the Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone.

    What we did
    A thrilling three and a half minute 360 video that eloquently displayed the unique selling points of the phone was created. With direction from the client the storyboard consisted of a mountain bike rider cutting and carving their way through a forest setting with the phone mounted to the handle bars. Timely animated notes appeared highlighting a feature being used by the rider. Participants mounted the same bike setup as in the video and were able to pedal along with the rider creating a truly immersive experience.

    The USP’s we’re revisited by the participants as they made their way across an augmented reality display. When the participant hovered the Land Rover Explore phone over a hotspot on the wall it launched various videos clips of Adventurer Jamie Ramsey demonstrating the Land Rover Explores unique selling points.

    Our VR Specialist joined the Land Rover BA’s and toured EE call centres across the UK and Ireland with the two experiences over the course of three weeks. Successfully educating call centre staff about the phone and it’s features ahead of selling it to customers. EE are now not only well educated about the phone, but they’re excited by it having experienced first what it can do.

    The Peugeot 2008 SUV with Jamie Murray


    2008 SUV

    Produce a 360 video with tennis star Jamie Murray to highlight the key features of the Peugeot 2008 SUV and to assist with its launch across the UK.

    What we did
    After 3D printing a bespoke camera mount to overcome the difficult task of mounting and stabalising a camera in the passenger seat of the car, we produced an informative and engaging video that focused on the new features of the Peugeot 2008 SUV as detailed by the client.

    Shots from both the inside and outside of the vehicle gave the viewer an opportunity to experience the Peugeot 2008 SUV from all perspectives as Jamie focused your attention on specific detailing.

    The Peugeot 360 video was shown to over 2,000 dealership staff as part of a training week held at the MK Dons arena in Milton Keynes. 40 people at a time experienced what it was like to be chauffeured by Jamie Murray, as the features of the car were put to the test by the doubles champ. VR Specialist’s along with equipment were provided by Virtually Mine to assist throughout the 5 day course.

    Your VR fulfilment service - Purchasing, Logistics, Delivery

    We are often asked to produce content and provide our services to our customers on-site, such as at a product release or conference. But often our customers have content that they have created and now need to release into the wild.

    Does this sound like the position your team is in? Do you have content but need equipment, demo staff, multiple delivery addresses and dates?

    This is where we can help. We can offer you our VR Fulfilment service to help complete your project. Our VR Fulfilment services include:

    • Equipment purchasing and rental
    • Device preparation
    • Logistics
    • On-site delivery

    VR Equipment Purchasing and Rental

    Having been around a while we know what equipment will work best with your content. We also know where to purchase equipment from to ensure it is reliable and cost effective. We can work with your budgets to find you the best options and offer advice along the way. Equipment costs are checked on a job-by-job basis to ensure you get the best price.

    If you're not looking to own the equipment, rental is the way to go. Virtually Mine began as a VR equipment rental company. We have maintained our customer base by offering quality and reliable equipment at some of the lowest prices in the industry. We offer daily and weekly rates with discounts being introduced the longer it is in your possession.

    For more information regarding the rental of VR equipment, head over to our VR Equipment page.

    Device Preparation

    Whether you decide to go with a mobile or PC based headset, you will need to install various programmes and deactivate some in order to get everything working correctly. In some of our customers cases, 100's of mobile devices are required to be setup. If they are setup incorrectly or something is missed that device will not work as expected.

    We can set up each device in house and test it to ensure everything is working as expected Our device preparation service includes but is not limited to;

    • Account setup
    • Installation of your software
    • Installation of mandatory software
    • Charged devices
    • Step by step instructions
    • Device ID and Oculus signature generation

    Device preparation is an optional service with all VR Equipment supplied by Virtually Mine.


    Getting equipment from A - B can be a chore, especially when you have many headsets going to multiple locations. Well fortunately we've nailed it. The sending and collection of equipment is what we've been doing for the past 3 years, supplying customers with tracked consignments all over the world. 

    Provide us with the necessary information and we can have equipment shipped around the world and locally within the UK with scheduled morning deliveries which you sign for.

    On-site delivery

    On-site delivery or VR Events is one of our most sought after services. We have travelled the world exhibiting content for clients at conferences and social events. Our team of trained VR Specialist's will travel with the prepared equipment, setup, greet your guests and troubleshoot any technical issues along the way.

    Would you hire a bar without bar staff?

    Our VR Specialist's will check the area for H&S issues relating to our VR integration, clean equipment so it's hygienic to use and make sure your guests are comfortable. We can integrate our equipment into your existing exhibition stand or provide our own exhibition stands made for virtual reality with branding opportunities. For more information regarding our VR Event services, head over to our VR Events page.

    We love VR and we enjoy what we do, whether its preparing kit so your team can be up and running as soon as possible, sending equipment across the globe or on-site delivery, Virtually Mine has got you covered. 

    To find out how you can benefit from our VR fulfilment service drop us an email and we'll get back to you with some solutions or call 0203 189 1676.

    VR On Campus With Barclays Bank

    We have been hard at work traversing the UK and visiting university campuses with Barclays Bank during their high fliers campaign.



    In late January we began a campaign assisting Barclays Bank with engagement on campuses across the UK. Barclays' goal was to generate signups on campus and engage students with the latest technologies. 

    14 universities were visited in all and we asked students the brief set by Barclays "How would you change the world around you?". Universities included; Bath, LSE, Leeds, Manchester, Southampton, Exeter and more!

    Students could then draw their ideas in virtual reality using Google Tilt brush and the HTC Vive. Their artwork was captured in static and animated format and posted on the Barclays Graduate Facebook page the following day. The most popular idea, voted by students using Likes and Shares, won £500 to make their idea happen and £500 for their students union. We also had an artist on site who could produce their ideas for a more professional finish. We sourced new and exciting creatives that ranged from graffiti artists to designer makers such as Billie Achilleos



    Lady in vr having fun with tilt brush and the htc vive


    Virtually Mine proudly supplied all VR equipment, VR Specialists, Artists and it was the debut of our new VR consoles which can be branded from top to bottom.

    The campaign was a complete success. We gathered 100's of pieces of original artwork, exposed 1000's of students to VR for the very first time and engaged with all participants to ensure the campaign went as planned.




    To view all of the competition entries and vote for your favourite, visit the Barclays Graduate Facebook page.

    Don' forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for Live updates when we are out and about!

    Hire the HTC Vive today, click here.

    Virtual Reality Schools Workshop

    As part of STEM week we hosted ‘An introduction to VR’ workshop at Townley Grammar School for key stage 2 students.

    The reinvigoration of VR over the past few years and the ongoing development of the technology has led to the emergence of more business and social uses which will ultimately have a huge impact the lives of the generations in and leaving school. Virtually Mine started all those years ago to introduce people to VR, to educate and inspire uses of VR and our workshop does just this.

    We spend 30-50 minutes with groups of students many of whom have never seen Virtual Reality before and have certainly never considered it’s uses outside of theme park rides and gaming.

    What we cover:

  • What is Virtual Reality?
  • Defining the term itself as well as the differences in the various types of content and hardware that students may or may not have seen.

  • How has the technology developed since the 1950’s?
  • Introducing students to the history of Virtual Reality and discussing how quickly the technology has evolved in the last decade - where could it be in five or ten years!?

  • An introduction to VR 360 degree video experience for the students
  • We provide students with the opportunity to try a VR headset to view some 360 degree videos. This feeds students inspiration for our final segment.

  • How could VR be used in education / the workplace / in our social lives?
  • An open discussion about how Virtual Reality applications and 360 video content could be used in the various aspects of our lives. We provide examples as well as encourage students to come up with their own and discuss the impact their examples might have on society.

    The workshop is a relaxed but exciting open discussion which allows students to explore the opportunities that VR has to offer them in their future. Whether our session is purely educational, or whether it inspires a student to step into complementary subjects leading to a career in a VR related industry we love doing them and have seen an encouraging response every time we visit a new school.

    Would your school like to host a Virtual Reality workshop with Virtually Mine? Get in touch on info@virtuallymine.co.uk or 0203 189 1676