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    Minecraft in Virtual Reality

    Hold on to your seat. One of the largest video games on the planet has VR support!

    And its supported by Oculus! That means you can immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft as if you were actually there building and mining away.

    What platform can I use?

    You can use both the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift to access Minecraft in VR with various pro's and con's. 

    The Samsung Gear VR is known for its portability which is great as you can work on your farm, dungeon, work of art while on your commute, or a bunch of you can play in your living room without wires marching around the place. The downside to this option is that your phones battery will deplete pretty quickly, you also need a wireless gamepad.

    The Oculus Rift option will allow you to play for hours and hours as everything is wired up to a PC and your Oculus account. You also need a copy of Minecraft to access the full game. There will be a few wires to deal with but you can play until your hearts content, you will have a better networked system and you can carry over your own Minecraft account or import pre-made models, buildings, landscapes and so on.

    Isn't Minecraft for kids and Youtubers?

    Minecraft is for kids as much as any video game or chocolate bar is. There is a reason its so popular; its because it allows you to create whatever you want and be as creative as you like.

    People have built working computers and even full scale models of the Star Ship Enterprise! Imagine building and then walking around your favourite sitcom show or redesigning your house. Sure it might be a little pixelated but who's first house wasn't?

    We have supplied a number of private and corporate functions with Minecraft on both the Gear VR for kids parties and the Oculus Rift for corporate events, all business I'm sure. If you would like Minecraft VR at your event please get in touch for a tailored package.

    Click here to find out more about the Samsung Gear VR and click here for the Oculus Rift.

    The PSVR WEEKENDER DEAL - The Playstation VR + 3 Games for £85!

    Not busy this weekend? Fancy slaying 3 games in VR on your PS4?

    Well then you are in luck my friends! Have the Playstation VR headset + 3 games delivered straight to your front door and collected the following Monday all for £85 + postage.

    If you have a Playstation 4, we will provide everything else you need to immerse yourself in a world of virtual reality, built especially for your favourite gaming console.

    All of the below is included in the box along with 3 random games. All you have to do is head over to the hire page, select WEEKENDER DEAL from the Hire Term drop down menu, and select the FRIDAY you wish to receive the PSVR. We will collect everything from you on the following Monday.

    What you get inside the box;

    • PlayStation VR headset
    • PlayStation Move Controller x 2
    • PlayStation Eye
    • 3 x game bundle including; Driveclub VR, RIGS: Mechanize Combat League, PlayStation VR Worlds (games may vary)
    • Processor unit
    • Headphones
    • HDMI cable
    • USB cable
    • AC adaptor and power cord
    • PS VR headset connection adaptor
    • Care Package

    Click here to hire the WEEKENDER DEAL today!

    *Playstation 4 not included.

    José Montemayor - A VR Visual Artist

    Supplying people with the latest virtual reality technology enables us to engage with thought leaders in various fields. Ranging from Architects, Fund Raisers, Developers, and in this case Artists. 

    We have been working with José for a number of months supplying equipment to showcase his piece; Virtual Awakening (Death is Only the Beginning) at a number of exhibitions and festivals across London. We wanted to dig a bit deeper and ask what future VR has in the world of artistic impression.


    José in action


    For those that may have not experienced Virtual Awakening for themselves, could you tell us what this piece is about and what drove you to create it?

    Sure, Virtual Awakening is an emerging platform that combines thought-provoking art with futuristic technology providing immersive, therapeutic, mind-expanding experiences that ultimately empowers people to expand their boundaries, unleash their true potential and lead them to and enlightened perception of life.


    Virtual Awakening show


    Our first Virtual Reality experience is called “Death is Only the Beginning” which is based on a conceptual representation of a Near Death Experience (NDE). Through 360º photography it takes the viewer through various stages of a NDE, subjecting the viewer to visions of an afterlife realm, and a confronting life review of key global issues facing us today.

    What inspired you to use VR as a platform for your artwork?

    I think what inspired me the most for Virtual Reality was the possibility to break the two-dimensional barrier of my work by using this technology as an empathy machine that enables an emotional transformation within the viewer. This deeper connection with the experience can potentially plant seeds of awakenings in the human mind, that ultimately helps to expand the perception of themselves and the reality we live in.


    VR Panorama

    Is VR to be your main discipline from now on?

    VR has expanded my artistic expression to places I could never have imagined. As much as I am dedicating a lot of energy and time to the development of Virtual Awakening and the creation of more content for this medium, I still like to see VR as one more tool to the unfolding of my artistic expression.

    Are there many other artists using VR to tell their stories? if so who?

    It has been a fascinating journey to be part of a medium that will transform how we absorb and experience information in any field, and as we seen for the last couple years more VR artists are on the rise as this technology expands. I believe the role of the artists in VR are the ones who are going to express and expand VR to its true potential. For example James Edwards at Psych-fy lab who are exploring VR as a portal into an immersive cyberdelic parallel universes inspired by mavens of psychology, psychedelia, sci-fi, technology and pop culture narratives. To add on, the work of Matteø Zamagni and Sander Boss who are also pushing VR in a truly visionary way by working with transcendental concepts and cutting edge technology.


    What would you like to achieve with VR tech that's not currently possible?

    At the moment the VR industry is pushing the limits with how far you can take VR in regards to technology innovation. When it comes to the potential of VR experiences, I would personally like to achieve a movement that can make VR a primary alternative way to digitalize human medicine by working within the individual's mind as a way to self-healing. 


    Climate change protest


    The evolutionary goal of VR seems to be to make VR as indistinguishable from reality itself. Which, in an already unbalanced and morally unjust world could become a potential for further inadequacy. So to promote companies and artists that aim at providing content for the benefit of mankind rather than the distraction of mankind is futile. The future is in our hands, or rather in our minds. It is how we consciously decide to use technology that will become our civilizations' destiny.

    Check out José's work via his website and keep an eye on his Facebook page for future events. Cheers José!



    KEEP IT CLEAN! - VR Care Package and Cleaning Kits

    Exposing VR to 1000's

    One of our goals is to give as many people access to virtual reality as possible. Often we exhibit at an event and expose 1000's of people to VR for the first time which is awesome! It also means that many people are sharing the same headset, so it's important that the headsets are clean to use.

    Virtually Mine VR Care Packages

    We appreciate that many of our customers may not be prepared for this which is why we provide Care Packages with every headset hire.

    Virtually Mine VR care package cleaning kit closeup

    We have been providing customers with our Care Package's for the past 12 months with great results. Each Package contains a cleaning cloth for the lenses, antibacterial wipes for the foam and headbands and some stickers because... people like stickers!

    We also clean the headsets when they are returned back to us at Virtually Mine HQ. Each headset is cleaned with make-up remover and anti-bacterial wipes. The lenses are cleaned with a lens cloth and all the nooks and crannies are cleaned with a soft brush to remove any debris.

    All of this is part of making someones first experience with virtually reality the best it can be, even before they put on the goggles!


    Play Cricket in Virtual Reality

    We are longing for the summer and nothing quite says summer than smashing a cricket ball through someones window in virtual reality.

    We hit our way through King of Spin and Balls! Virtual Reality Cricket. Both really similar games but does King of Spin deserve a £20 price tag compared to the £6.99 option?